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Halloween Owl Cupcakes

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6 per cupcake chocolate wafer cookies
1-1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup peanut butter
2/3 cup powdered sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 (16 ounce) can vanilla frosting
2 per owl mini Oreo cookies, halved
3 per owl M&Ms

Halloween Owl Cupcakes

These adorable little no bake cupcakes are the perfect choice for a Halloween party.

  • Serves 8
  • Easy

About This Recipe

Before I give you the recipe for Halloween Owl Cupcakes, I have a story. I know I don’t tell many long stories, but bear with me.

Do you have a sad Halloween story? I do.

First, let me say that I have always loved Halloween. I remember the excitement of picking out your costume at the drug store, and the weird feel of those plastic masks that would get all wet inside from the condensation of your breath. I remember thinking about the costume, and hoping that the day wouldn’t be too cold so I wouldn’t be forced to wear a warm coat over it and ruin the effect.

The candy didn’t matter so much back then.

The feeling of being allowed out after dark with other kids was intoxicating. When my sad Halloween story occurs, I was 8 or 9.

My little sister was sick, so my mom dressed me up in my Cinderella (natch) costume, gave me my bag and my sister’s bag, and told me to get candy for her too.

Now, you wouldn’t think that a blonde eight-year-old girl, dressed as Cinderella, would be a grifter, would you? (Princess Con Artist?)

Well, that’s how the people who answered the doors on Halloween treated me.

I was mocked and ridiculed and told that I was greedy, asking for more treats. I still can’t believe to this day that people would be that mean to a little kid.

It was kind of an early lesson in lowering expectations and how rude people can be.

Halloween wasn’t as fun after that, as a kid.

I do like this holiday as an adult, however. And I NEVER mock kids who come to the door. They can have as many treats as they can grab. I don’t care what they wear for a costume or how old they are. We buy bags and bags and bags and bags of more candy than we could ever give away just so each kid gets as much as they want.

THAT’S how you do Halloween, people of Edina, Minnesota.

Now, to the recipe. I do not recommend giving out any homemade treats, because of the sadness of tampered candy and some sick people who think that hurting others is fun (see the paragraphs above). Give out the properly wrapped and packaged store-bought treats.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to that candy, as good as it is. You can make yourself your own treat.

These little cupcakes are no-bake. Yes, I know – you’re surprised. But they are easy and fun and so dang cute.

You layer chocolate wafer cookies with a peanut butter flavored whipped cream, then frost the whole thing in frosting and add some mini halved Oreo cookies for eyes. An M&M candy pressed into the center makes the nose.

Aren’t these just the sweetest little Halloween Owl Cupcakes you’ve ever seen? They are delicious too.

Eat them all yourself. Enjoy every bite. And rest assured that no one will call you a grifter.

P.S. – you can find the chocolate wafers in the baking aisle of the supermarket.

Why this recipe for Halloween Owl Cupcakes works:

  • The short stacks of cookies and cream kind of switch densities as the little cakes sit. The moisture from the cream migrates into the cookies, which makes the cookies soft like cakes, and firms up the cream.
  • Making the eyes is a little tricky, but with patience you can do it. Let your kids help – they’ll probably do a better job with their little hands!
  • These cakes have stand in the fridge for at least six hours for the magic transformation to occur.

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Combine the cream, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla in a large bowl. Beat until stiff peaks form.


Now layer the chocolate wafers with the peanut butter cream mixture. When you have five or six in a stack, put them on a waxed paper-covered cookie sheet.


Carefully frost the little stacks with the vanilla frosting. This is kind of tricky, but don't worry if it's not perfect.


For the eyes, pull each mini Oreo cookie apart. Using a dab of frosting, attach a brown M&M to each for the eyes. Stick the eyes into the frosting on the owls. Then put a red or orange M&M in between the eyes for the nose.


These little guys have to be refrigerated for at least 6 hours so the cookies can absorb moisture from the cream and soften. Then eat them.


Linda is a bestselling cookbook author and home economist who has written 54 books (53 cookbooks and Medical Ethics for Dummies) since 2005. She has worked for Pillsbury since 1988, on the Bake-Off and other projects. Linda has been a web presence since 2002, developing recipes and teaching people how to cook.

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