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The Best Salmon Burgers

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1 (14 ounce) can red sockeye salmon, drained
1 cup Parmesan Goldfish crackers, finely crushed
1 egg, beaten
1 tablespoon heavy cream
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
2 tablespoons olive oil
4 English muffins, split
3 tablespoons softened butter
4 thin slices Muenster or Havarti cheese
1/3 cup mayonnaise
1/3 cup honey mustard
4 leaves butter lettuce

The Best Salmon Burgers

The Best Salmon Burgers are classic and delicious, with a twist - Parmesan crackers!

  • Serves 4
  • Easy

About This Recipe

Most people are familiar with beef burgers, chicken burgers, and turkey burgers. But salmon burgers are still a bit of an outlier. They shouldn’t be! I love them because they are easier to make and you don’t have to faff around with raw meat. What’s more to like? This recipe for The Best Salmon Burgers is superb.

The burger starts with canned salmon. If you can afford it, choose red sockeye salmon because the flavor is so much richer. Drain the salmon well, remove any skin and bones if you want. I do because I don’t want anything interfering with the pure salmon texture and taste, which is rich and smooth.

Then add crushed crackers, some seasoning, an egg, and that’s it. I don’t like to use onion or garlic, although you could certainly add some if you want. I wouldn’t use more than 1/3 cup minced onion and one clove of garlic, and beside you saute them in a bit of butter first or the flavor will be too pronounced.

Serve this fabulous burger on split, buttered, and toasted English muffins, with some melted cheese on top and mayonnaise and honey mustard. I don’t think that ketchup belongs on this burger, but you could use it – or try some seafood cocktail sauce.

Serve this burger with some kind of slaw; my Red and White Coleslaw is perfect.

Tips for The Best Salmon Burgers

  • Make sure the crackers are finely crushed. They are necessary to add structure to the burgers, and to add some flavor too. You can use any kind of crackers you’d like. Parmesan Goldfish crackers are my favorite!
  • Handle the burgers gently. They will not stick together as well as beef or turkey burgers do. The chilling step is necessary and will help them keep their shape.
  • Don’t go overboard on toppings. You want just a few extra. Some avocado slices or guacamole would be fabulous in addition to the cheese and mayo.

Why this recipe works

  • Salmon is rich and intensely flavored, and is the perfect ingredient for burgers.
  • The combination of crisp and chewy English muffins with the tender burgers is perfect.

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In a medium bowl, combine the salmon, cracker crumbs, egg, cream, and thyme and mix gently but thoroughly. Form into four patties.


Place the patties on a plate, cover, and refrigerate for at least four hours before cooking.


When you're ready to eat, heat the olive oil in a large nonstick pan over medium heat. Add the salmon burgers and cook for 5 minutes on one side.


Meanwhile, spread the cut sides of the English muffins with butter and toast.


Carefully turn the salmon burgers and cook for 3 more minutes. Top with the cheese and cover the pan for 1 minute.


Assemble the sandwiches with the toasted English muffins, the mayo and mustard and lettuce, and the burgers.


Linda is a bestselling cookbook author and home economist who has written 54 books (53 cookbooks and Medical Ethics for Dummies) since 2005. She has worked for Pillsbury since 1988, on the Bake-Off and other projects. Linda has been a web presence since 2002, developing recipes and teaching people how to cook.

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